About Me

Who am I?

Well… that’s a question with a ton of answers, but I’m a pretty straightforward kinda person, so, at least I’ll try.
My name is Chanceley Wallace, I’m a teenage outdoorsy, country, Tennessee girl with a love for healthy eating and fitness.
I like traveling, reading, working out, some baking, writing, summertime, just chillin’ out, and of course…laughing!

I’ll try anything once, and I love to find adventure and excitement around every corner.
I have a major sweet tooth…like, who doesn’t? and I think I could literally eat ALL day! (Don’t worry, I don’t:) But basically I’m a real live foodie!
One of the things I hate, (thinking about it now, there’s quite a few things:) is wanting to cook something, but not having all the ingredients! Grr! Believe me, I know how frustrating that is, so I’ve tried to make all of my recipes, healthy and yet simple, so that if you don’t already have the ingredients, you could more than likely just grab it at Walmart…Simple! I hate complicated things! Some of my ingredients I get at Amazon, too.
I’m a 100% Donald Trump supporter, and I thank God that he is our awesome president!!
I have three brothers and two sisters, so I’m definitely used to noise! LOL (Not to mention my brother’s four German shepherds:)
My brother Jonah is into health and fitness like me, he’s my “guinea pig” so to speak, for most of my recipes:) I’m pretty sure that his favorite so far is the “chocolate peanut butter pre-workout cookies”
I mean, I could literally talk all day (I think some folks wonder if I ever stop) but I better end here for now, on this subject at least.

Why Fitness and Health?
I guess that is a good question, my main thing is to be the best I can be, and besides, there is a lot of processed foods and things like that out there that your body isn’t even made to digest, it’s very unhealthy and I think that’s part of the reason, (if not the main reason) that so many people are obese. Not that I never eat those types of things, but having it as a constant part of my diet is something I stay away from. Being way-over weight is dangerous, really, so it’s not only about being in shape and looking your best, but a healthier lifestyle has a lot to do with taking better care of yourself so that you don’t end up with some major health issues later on.
I’m not a diet and anti-processed foods fanatic, I just do the best I can to eat healthier and of course workout, which is the reason I made this blog, to help other people who want to do the same, and to help me to be more accountable and stay on the plan! 🙂

I could write forever, but it’s gotta’ end somewhere, so thanks for stopping by, and feel free to leave comments and suggestions for more recipes etc.
See ya in the food section! 🙂