Healthy Recipes

I believe you should have great tasting food to eat all the time. Who cares about being healthy if you can't have good food? I've put healthy ingredients together and come up with some recipes to make you're diet a good experience, some of my recipes have sweeteners like Erythritol, xylitol etc., but these aren't something I eat all the time, I only make them every now and then for a treat, I'll have other recipes that use different sweeteners. Some people seem to think that healthy eating means you go hungry, deprave yourself of good food, and in the end become miserable. But it doesn't have to be that way at all, that's why all of my recipes are absolutely good for you, but are you're best bet for a healthy and yet delicious lifestyle. Not sayin' I'm good ALL the time, (like, who is, right?:) Life's too short not to cheat on your "diet" once in a while That's my opinion anyway! :) You can head over to my "diet" page to see more about how I eat to get fit and stay healthy. So, have fun and look around! You might find the best recipe you've ever tried!! Who knows?? Best wishes, Chanceley