What’s up with the word “diet”?

I have a hard time accepting the fact that I’m on a “diet.” I don’t know why, but the word diet sounds like you’re starving yourself, or munching on rabbit food all day. NOPE! Not me! I look at it as a lifestyle, because-well, it should be. In my opinion, life is too short not be eating good food along the way, but it should be good in both ways, healthy, and tasty. I’m not much on the “fad diets” that float around the internet. Heck, keep it simple! I like to live simple, and anything too complicated isn’t even enjoyable, every minute of healthy eating should be enjoyable. So, start looking at it as just a part of YOU! The way you are, and what you do- and you might have a better time adjusting to the fact that not everybody chooses more vegetables over the fluffy, sugar-laden chocolate cake, or a protein shake for breakfast instead of cocoa puffs. (I’m not at all saying you have to have protein shakes for breakfast to be healthy, but I think you get my point.) So, basically, if you’re like me, and don’t like the word diet because it sounds too restrictive, by all means don’t use it! And by the way, if you do like me, you’re NOT on a diet, you simply have a healthy lifestyle that helped get you in the shape you’re in. (or will be in.) Keep that in mind, and make this healthy eating thing something you can live with, I’m here to make it easier for you!!

Is this way of eating easy?

That’s a good question, but I mean, it’s never EASY to get fit and in shape and STAY that way, but let’s face it…LIFE IS NOT ALWAYS EASY!! Got that?? It’s just not. You can convince yourself that life’s just a roller coaster and you’re in for the ride, but life is an up hill battle, if not some of the time, at least a lot of the time. Not saying that it can’t be enjoyable, but it’s not always easy as a piece of pie to do something great, like staying fit and getting in shape etc. Nothing truly great is ever easy. Sometimes I wish I could just snap my fingers, and I’d be healthy and fit as anybody, but if you really think about it, it’s good that it’s hard. Because when you get there, you can be proud of it. If it was easy, everybody would be fit, and it wouldn’t be anything special. So yeah, all that to say- healthy eating should be something you never regret, it’s not always easy, to throw more broccoli on you’re plate and pass up the buttery garlic bread, but it should be enjoyable and definitely not a pain in the neck all the time.

So, basically what is this way of eating all about??
Keto is a diet that’s pretty popular right now, everybody wants to try it. And that’s fine, it’s healthy, although I think people need a little more carbs if you were to do it all your life or something. I’ve actually done keto, I’m doing it now because we’re about to move and everything is hectic, so keto is a little easier because my mom kinda does it too, so she has a lot of things for it. A lot of recipes on this blog will probably be low carb and keto friendly, in fact I have a page totally dedicated to it.And keto is great for obese people. Also for people who aren’t THAT big, because it’s great to get you lean. If you don’t know what keto is ,click here to find out more about it. I normally just eat healthy, but I ALWAYS watch my carbs, even if their good carbs that I’m getting, I never go over 50 in a day, and I also have a certain amount of other macros that I go by. But, I’m not too much on portion sizes, and being told “how much to eat.” I just be sure I stay in my macros, and keep it simple as possible. Also, another thing that I do is intermittent fasting, I only eat in an eight hour window, wherever that falls for you is fine. Intermittent fasting is ten times easier than it sounds, after I got used to it, I wasn’t even hungry at all during my fasting time. Check out this page out to learn more about it. To sum it all up, I try to make my way of eating, something, (not to dread) but to look forward to, and as much of a sweet tooth as I have, I do my best to only make a healthy dessert once a week, because healthy or not, they still have things like honey, or maybe heavy cream’s etc. that, if eaten too much can definitely stall weight loss. But pretty much, everything in moderation.

What if I mess up?
I’m sure you’ve heard it before, “eat healthy to stay fit, and eat a cheeseburger to stay sane” basically, watch what you eat, be health conscious, etc… but don’t kill yourself over it. If you’re on vacation and you go to pizza hut, and you sit down and feel like a salad just won’t cut it, you HAVE to have a piece of pizza… for heavens sake, EAT A SLICE!!! Trust me, it won’t kill you, and don’t go off on a guilt trip an hour later either. We don’t win with guilt!! Just be extra careful the next day. If you go to McDonald’s and want those chicken nuggets SO BAD, but you’re almost at goal weight and don’t want to ruin it, and you pass it up. GOOD FOR YOU!! But if you mess up a little, don’t sweat it! It’s not worth worrying over-what’s done is done- 🙂 Just pick it up and go from there. Just for your information- EVERYBODY “messes up” If somebody tells you they’ve never cheated on their diet, they’re big liars…end of question. (Unless they just started their diet that day! LOL) So, if you eat something that isn’t perfectly healthy, it’s not the end of the world…just don’t do it again…and if you do it again, then don’t do it again! 🙂

Summin’ it all up:

I try to stay healthy and sane at the same time, you can’t outwork a bad diet, and healthy eating is a pretty much MUST if you want to be lean, toned and fit. (unless you restrict calories like insane etc.)I’m actually working on a four week, workout and eating plan, so it should be coming up sometime in the near future.

Best wishes,